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Jeff Palmberg

Greetings! I'm Jeff Palmberg, the Grand Poobah & Doodle Master at JP's Custom Caricature!

Jeff Palmberg started drawing funny pictures when he was just a tyke. His imagination was captured, bound and gagged, and held for ransom by the incredible caricature artists of MAD Magazine (Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, etc.) and so a future career was sealed!

Although his main gig has been Student Ministry, caricature has played a major role. Each year's summer mission trip has been celebrated with a group caricature featuring all of the students and the inside jokes and memories.  Soon Jeff started receiving requests for custom caricatures of students, friends, and family members. Thus, JP's Custom Caricature was born!

Jeff Palmberg's Background

Jeff Palmberg's Experience

Grand Poobah & Doodle Master at JP's Custom Caricature

Present | Twisp, WA

Draw 'em, color 'em, ship 'em!

Jeff Palmberg's Education

North Park University

1981 – 1985


Concentration: Art Education

Activities: Yearbook photographer, Newspaper cartoonist, DJ, prankster

Jeff Palmberg's Interests & Activities

Caricature, art, cartooning, sports, Christianity, movies, music, laughing

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